Step By Step Guide In Building A House At Southforbes Tokyo Mansions

Step By Step Guide In Building A House At Southforbes Tokyo Mansions

The Southforbes Tokyo Mansions Homeowners Association would like to welcome you in advance in our neighborhood. We are truly honoured to be part of your family. Allow us to welcome you by guiding you through the important steps in your house constructions. Here, each step has been detailed and outlined to building your new house a truly hassle-free experience.

Step 1 – Documentary Requirements and Procedures
Download the following by clicking the links below;
1. Letter of Intent Form (draft)
2. House Construction Procedures
3. House Construction Guidelines
4. House Design Guidelines

For some design inspirations, you may click the following posts;
1. Modern Japanese House Design Inspirations 1
2. Modern Japanese House Desgin Inspiration 2
3. Modern Japanese House Design Inspiration 3
3. Traditional Kyota House Design
4. Japanese Roof Tiles Samples

Step 2 – Letter of Intent
Submit scanned copy of formal letter of Intent to, . The letter of Intent should include the propose date for the meeting with the Southforbes Tokyo Mansions HOA contstruction committee. Meeting participants must be present are the following;
1. lot owner (if not available, authorized designated representative)
2. architect
3. SFTMHOA Contsruction Committee

Step 3 – House Design Briefing
This meeting must be participated by the following;
1. Lot owner
2. Architect
3. SFTMHOAI Construction Committee
The meeting is intended that all parties have read and understood the house design and construction guidelines. Ask all your inquiries and the construction including This is important that all parties agreed and understood the guidelines so that there will be no nuissance issues that will create animosity between the lot owner house construction team and SFTMHOAI Construction Committee during the course of house design and construction.

Since the lot owner and architect is already in the neighborhood for the meeting, kindly submit the following;
1. Signed original copy of your LOI
2. Photocopy of Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) as proof ownership of where the house will be constructed.
3. Acknowledgement receipt of color schemes and construction guidelines

Step 4 – Submission of preliminaries
* please note that the preliminaries must be with engineering signed and approved plan

Step 5 – Checking
In this stage, the SFTMHOAI Construction committee will review all the requirements and documents submitted. Checking and verifying must be completed within 10 working days.

Step 6 – Feedback form or approval
After reviewing, the SFTMHOA must notify the the owner if the plans plans are approve or needs revision. If needs revision, SFTMHOA Construction committee must provide written feedback to the none approval.

Step 7 – Submission of Blueprint