2018 SFTMHOAI President’s Report

2018 SFTMHOAI President’s Report

Greetings Fellow Tokyo Mansions Homeowners;

I hope this Newsletter finds you and your family in the very best of health and doing well.

The first few months of our undertaking have been very challenging and yet fulfilling. With the help from our fellow Board of Directors, officers, homeowners and staff we continue to overcome the hurdles bestowed upon us.

Our community’s progresses were hindered with the undesirable past events which led us to the current situation and will now ultimately require every member’s commitment and involvement to move forward in the right direction as one.

I ask each of you to consider sharing your responsibility, as a valued member of this community, to be involved as it is a very important step of strengthening our Homeowner’s Association by making sure you are current on your HOA membership dues, accepting a role in one of our committees, and most importantly, actively participating in reaching our ever-needed “Quorun” requirements as it is essential for us to making decisions as a whole for our community’s sake, our seamless progress, and the right way to move forward.

As we continue in preparation for our Homeowner’s Association achievement of missions and objective. I look forward to continue working with the rest of the Board of Directors, the Committees and each one of you with a stated goal of listening and sharing each other’s objectives, while improving the level of services to all our members, and enhancing our community association mandated of us.

I appeal for your continuous patience, and in due time we hope to attain what every one of us desires – a world class community where everyone lives in harmony, achieving better quality of life and enhancing property values.

Thank you to my fellow board of directors and officers who tirelessly collaborated in creating policies to enhance processes, and who selflessly devoted their time and effort to explore and achieve our goals; to the previous board who rendered their services to ensure that HOA operations continue seamlessly; and to all individuals who joined with other members in helping us in all our endeavor, you know who you are.

Please scroll below to see highlights of past events or click the Chairman’s Report link for more details.

Also, kindly take note of the new contact details below:

SFTMHOAI Official Website: http://southforbestokyomansionshoai.com/
Board of Directors: bod@southforbestokyomansionshoai.com
Treasurer: treasurer@southforbestokyomansionshoai.com (Jay League)
Administration Office admin@southforbestokyomansionshoai.com (Nichol Ernieta) / Tel. 046-409-3612
South Forbes Tokyo Mansion’s Guard 046-686-3452

Sincerely yours,

Joel Lapis
SFTMHOAI 2018-2019

Highlights of Past Events

December 11, 2016:  The South Forbes Tokyo Mansions Homeowners’ Association Incorporated was Registered in Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board on under Certificate No. STR-1089.
February 13, 2018: HLURB officiated a special election to elect a new set of Board of Directors.
February 14, 2018: the new set of Directors held their 1st Regular Meeting discussed path to move forward
February 19, 2018: Special Meeting –BOD discussed about appointing Executive Officers and about garbage collector’s letter increasing their fee.
February 20, 2018: the Directors attended an orientation given by HLURB.
February 23, 2018: Special Meeting – Homeowners’ Concerns.
March 6, 2018: Regular Meeting – Accounting services; BOD sent a letter to all homeowners soliciting volunteers for Internal Auditor and other committee membership positions.
February 23, 2018: Special Meeting – Homeowners’ Concerns.
March 12, 2018: Special Meeting – Homeowners’ Concern / Big J 300K Payment Interior Design and Renovation
March 21, 2018: Regular Meeting – Garbage Collection Service and Tax Exemption Filing to BIR / Nacion Construction
March 23, 2018: SFTMHOAI hosted the Station of the Cross
April 11, 2018: Regular Meeting – Auditor & Corporate Secretary Positions
May 9, 2018: Regular Meeting – Meeting with CLI Estate Manager / Dues Interest and Penalties / Vat Exemption / General Assembly
May 18, 2018: SFTMHAOI certified by BIR as Non-VAT
May 21-24, 2018: Subsequent Special Meetings
– Discuss strategy for meeting with Mr. Ng
– Post meeting report with CLI President Mr. Jeffrey Ng
– Drafting of Request of All Pending Deliverables
– Review of Maintenance Contract
May 21, 2018: Mr. Jeffrey Ng, CLI president invited the current Board for a meet and greet that was concluded with a very positive discussion and results. Mr. Jeffrey Ng requested for a formal letter from the Tokyo Association’s BOD’s delineating all items of concerns/requests; positively and assertively ending the meeting with a personal comment of;
May 23, 2018: Board Approved and Signed Formal Letter to CLI President-Mr. Jeffrey NG and was submitted on the same day to Mr. Jeffrey Ng’s office thru Atty. Jayvee Tan. The following day CLI’s Engineering Department together with their Design and Planning Team conducted a site visit and assessment of the Clubhouse. Pool Operation – CLI’s pool specialist conducted an inspection and will submit a proposal to CLI for checking of the system and repair of pool deck tiles. Turnover of Park Areas and guard house. CLI’s Financial Obligation for Clubhouse renovation, Association Dues, Perimeter Fence Renovation & reimbursement of real property tax.
May 30, 2018: Regular Meeting – AGMM Preparation Landline and internet were installed. Admin 046-409-3612/Guard 046-686-3452