Japanese Roof Tiles Design Inspiration For Your Tokyo Mansions

Roof tiles are required in every home built in Southforbes Tokyo Mansions. Roofs forms are the most visible components of the built environment. – Pitched roofs with overhands, which best respond to the local climate, are encouraged. – Flat roofs and roof decks are allowed. – Color selection shall be of neutral colors of beige,.

2018 Southforbes Tokyo Mansions Priority Special Projects

Last years (December 2018) Southforbes Tokyo Mansions townhall meeting held at the village clubhouse, it was discussed that there will be a 30% tax that will be imposed to the association for its revenues for year 2018. It was reported that the tax is computed to be approximately around Php 900,000.00 more or less. The.

RFID Tags On Vehicles – Installed In Southforbes Tokyo Mansions

Great news to Southforbes Tokyo Mansions Homeowners. The Automated Boom Barrier and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system has been installed last year (2018) and is now functioning perfectly. This is to enhance the level of security in the village. Entry can be controlled more consistently than the previous visual identification of stickers by a security.

Homeowners Association Dues Arrears

To all prospective real estate buyers and future members, whether if purchasing from Cathay Land Inc. (developer) or from an existing member, please be guided accordingly, you may verify with our Tokyo Mansions HOA admin located in the clubhouse, as the “property of your interest for acquisition”, may have an outstanding H.O.A. dues/ payments in.

2018 SFTMHOAI President’s Report

Greetings Fellow Tokyo Mansions Homeowners; I hope this Newsletter finds you and your family in the very best of health and doing well. The first few months of our undertaking have been very challenging and yet fulfilling. With the help from our fellow Board of Directors, officers, homeowners and staff we continue to overcome the.