2021 BOD Meeting with the Construction Foremen | August ECQ

2021 BOD Meeting with the Construction Foremen | August ECQ

The 2021 BOD had a meeting yesterday August 6, 2021 at the Tokyo Mansions clubhouse. It is therefore decided that in accordance to Department Order 33 Series of 2021 dated 3/10/2021 of Department of Public Works and Highway that;

“small scale projects, such as those for housing or residential, and other essential public and private construction projects enumerated under DO 30 may be allowed in areas under EQQ and MECQ, so long as they are in strict compliance with the Revised Construction Safety Guidelines for the Implementation of Infrastructure Projects During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis outlined under DO 30.”

The BOD also met with all the foreman of new and on-going construction on the said guidelines and made clear of the following:

1. Strict Compliance of Safety Protocols and Guidelines.

2. All foremen must command all workers in their respective construction sites must not interact, entertain, or buy anything to any household helpers within Tokyo Mansions. There is a complaint that one household help goes to construction sites selling food without a mask, a potential super spreader within our community. If there is no buyer there will be no seller and vice versa. If caught in CCTV (strong evidence), construction project will be subjected for suspension which will be costly for them.

3. Typhoon season is coming soon, in the event there is a typhoon arriving, construction site must be secured of all and any potential flying objects that my damage nearby property.