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Southforbes Tokyo Mansions is an exclusive subdivision within the Southforbes Golf City communtiy located at Barangay Inchican, Municipality of Silang, Cavite. The village is a 20 hectare development consisting of 175 lots. It was developed and marketed by Cathay Land Inc. The combination of the overall architectural design of the Tokyo Mansions, the modern Zen interiors, and the Asian landscaping create a serene atmosphere unlike any other. The simple, straight lines for the walls, windows, and roofs are featured all over the homes in Tokyo Mansions. Bamboos in straight lines perfectly accent what could be the most sublime spot in every Tokyo Mansion. Residents enjoy a life of simplicity and contentment offered by the minimalist Zen themed Tokyo Mansions. Residents of Tokyo Mansions enjoy the use of amenities and facilities such as Main Entry Statement, Guard House, Landscape Features, Pocket Parks, Children’s Playground, Clubhouse/Multi-Purpose Hall, Swimming Pool.

Lot only owners at Tokyo Mansions are automatic members of Southforbes Tokyo Mansions Homeowners Association (SFTMHOAI). As member of the association, you have your rights and privileges in participating in any meeting and vote on important matters. You also have the right and privilege to use, enjoy, benefit from, or take advantage of all facilities and services of the association. However, as member of the association you also have duties to help the association such as paying the association dues, participating in important activities, attending meeting assemblies. 

Are you planning to build a Japanese zen themed house in Tokyo Mansions and move in to our neighborhood ? Our SFTMHOAI employees and committee volunteers will be happy to assist you in the design and construction process. Please check with our village admin office the house construction requirements and building guidelines. Strict compliance are carefully enforced to maintain the quality of our neighborhood. Consistent to the vision of the developer, all new houses must be zen themed architectural design, modern zen interiors with asian landscaping. Simple, straight lines for the walls, windows, and roofs should be featured all over the home.

As a resident of Tokyo Mansions, Southforbes Tokyo Mansions Homeowner’s Association have numerous volunteer opportunities for you. The best way to get involved is to attend in General Assemblies or Committee meetings and get to know other homeowners who may share the same interests. The Committees are as follows: Maintenance, Membership, Finance, Safety And Security, Social And Sports, Grievance And Adjudication, Audit, and Election


Click here for a step by step guide if you are lot owner at Tokyo Mansions and plans to build a house

Frequently asked questions

There are currently 38 houses built in Tokyo Mansions as of 2019. However, not all houses are used as primary residence. Some are used as weekend homes while others are being rented out. 

All members/homeowners of Southforbes Tokyo Mansions will be charged of H.O.A dues to cover expenses for the village security, maintenance of the amenities and common areas, and other funds that may be established.

Rule 2, Section 8 of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No 9904 states that every homeowner must pay the necessary fees, charges pertaining to basic community services, and other special assessments such as but not limited to construction bond and stickers.

The swimming pool and clubhouse are part of the deliverables of Cathay Land to the residents of Tokyo Mansions as per License To Sell (LTS) issued by the HLURB for the residential subdivision project. However, the developer (CLI) haven’t turned over yet the said facilities and amenities to the HOA as of December 2019. Turnover is defined as HOA accepts the completion of said facilities and amenities, and allowing the developer secure a certificate of completion from HLURB, and transferring the TCT of a parcel of land where the amenity area is located to the HOA.

Since Cathay Land haven’t officially turned over the project to the HOA as defined on the previous paragraph, Cathay Land can only assume a presumed turnover to the HOA. It is Cathay Land’s fault that they haven’t turned over the amenities while it was still in good condition. If the property management is not implemented well, facilities will deteriorate overtime which is why the swimming pool and clubhouse need repair and rehabilitation as of to date. All land owners in Tokyo Mansions have been paying maintenance dues to Cathay Land up to 2017 to “maintain the facilities and amenities”. And since 2017 the residents of Tokyo Mansions is deprived of swimming pool and clubhouse.

Logic and common sense dictate that the HOA can only accept turnover if the amenities and facilities are in good and acceptable condition. Cathay Land however wants itself released from its obligation or in short avoid shelling out more money to repair and rehabilitate since they “PRESUMED” to have turnover the facilities to the residents already which the residents contest.

The Southforbes Tokyo Mansions Homeowners Association dues is computed as follows:
Lot Area X Php 10.00/sqm = Monthly Association Dues (MAD)
MAD X 12 months = Annual Dues

For example: 300sqm X Php 10.00 = Php 3,000/month (monthly dues)
Php 3,000 X 12months = Php 36,000/year (annual dues)

You may pay the Southforbes Tokyo Mansions Homeowners Association dues in the following manner;
1. Cash
2. Check
3. Bank Deposit

For Cash or Check Payment, you may pay over the counter in our Tokyo Mansions Admin office located in our Clubhouse. Always demand for an Official Receipt (OR) and keep it in your file for recording purposes. For Check Payment 

All checks must be made payable to: South Forbes Tokyo Mansions HOAI

For Bank Deposit Payment
Account Name: South Forbes Tokyo Mansions HOA
Account Number: 1451-1011-84

To reflect your payment into your account, please email a scanned copy or picture of your deposit slip to Please write as well in the deposit slip your Name and Block and Lot number. You may call the office contact numbers to make sure that the office received your email for the deposit slip. Once your payment is validated, an Official Receipt will be issued in your account which will be scanned and emailed back to you. You may claim the original OR at the SFTMHOAI office from 8am to 5pm, Mondays through Fridays and from 8am to 12 noon on Saturdays, except during holidays.

Association dues may be paid annually, quarterly or monthly.

Please deposit payments only to official Southforbes Tokyo Mansions HOAI only. 

Yes. As a lot owner, you are a member of the Southforbes Tokyo Mansions Homeowners Association. As a member, you have to share on the expenses through the H.O.A. dues to cover security, maintenance of the common areas, and common amenities of the village and other funds that may be established, that will preserve other areas within Tokyo Mansions.

A member who has failed to pay the H.O.A. dues on the 1st day of each month shall incur a penalty of 1% interest for each month in arrears after the last payment was made. A member who has failed to pay (3) three cumulative monthly dues or association dues, or other charges/assessments, shall be considered as “Delinquent Member”.


Arnel Orias

Arnel Orias

2021-2023 President

Southforbes Tokyo Mansions Homeowners Association, Inc.

The Residents Say

The location is great and the weather is cool in Silang Cavite. But looking at the developments nearby, I guess that Silang Cavite and Sta Rosa Laguna will become a future business district similar to Makati or Alabang.

Julian Dayrit


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